Do you need support for public tendering of building and planning services or for PPP-processes? MEK consults public clients in national and European tendering processes, in all aspects from preparing the tender documents through selection of bidders and evaluation of their offers up to legal protection proceedings before the tender chambers and the supreme regional courts. 

We also support communities in general building development processes, relocation processes, and in sanitation activities and urban development measures. This includes design and negotiation of urban development contracts, for instance contracts for developing building land, agreements with owners of land in special urban development processes as well as contracting and operating models.

We consult and support authorities also in approval processes for large special planning projects (roads, rails, power stations etc.) through comprehensive process management, or spot wise by handling objections, or representation at hearings. Our counseling includes the fields of European environmental law (in particular the FFH-directive, bird preservation-directive, IVU-directive), nature preservation law, immission control law (noise pollution, airborne contamination or other immissions), ground preservation law and law on old encumberments as well as economic circuit and waste law. Of course we also represent our clients in cou


  • Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Support for national and European tendering 
  • General planning processes
  • Environment
  • Urban development contracting
  • Contracts for development and actions
  • Land recycling and conversion
  • Contracting / operating models
  • Support for approval processes under building law and under environmental law as well as plan determination processes/process management
  • Handling of objections
  • Hearings
  • Litigation management
  • Representation at awards chambers and courts