Are you looking for competent legal advice for your project development to help you secure the economic success of your projects? MEK consults building companies on all matters of public tendering, from the offers through complaints against tendering infringements, and up to appeals for review. 

One of our core activities is the design and negotiation of building, Arge, consortium and subcontractor contracts as well as counseling throughout building projects. There we support you inter alia in asserting amendments as well as asserting and securing compensation claims as well as all other matters of handling your building project. We also help you defend claims from clients, or assert claims against subcontractors. 

In case of disputes, we do not go for unnecessary confrontation, but we try to find outcome-oriented solutions, for instance by involving surveyors or arbitrators. However if necessary, we also assert your claims in court. 


  • Counseling on public procurement law
  • Design and negotiation of construction contracts
  • Creating Arge, consortium and subcontractor contracts
  • Asserting amendments (Claim-Management)
  • Compensation issues (e.g. compensation for work and counterclaims) and accounting
  • Collaterals, for instance bank guarantees, chattel bonds, letters of patronage, collaterals from craftsmen and GSB
  • Acceptance and defect liability
  • Default damages, penalties
  • Contract terminations, accounting problems
  • Insolvency of the client
  • Search for surveyors, preparation and negotiation of surveyor contracts
  • Preparation and negotiation of conciliation agreements, support in litigation(e.g. according to  Betonverein, SOBau), 
  • Taking over arbitration or conciliation functions 
  • Support for or performance of mediation proceedings
  • Litigation management, foreclosure
  • Trainings on private building law issues