The expertise gained from many years of working as lawyers in the field of building and real estate and the pertinent experience with building proceedings in court caused MEK long ago to deal with mediation and out of court dispute settlement.

Mediation is a voluntary, out of court, non-public proceeding for dispute settlement where the parties develop an amicable solution for their conflict with the help of a neutral third party, the mediator. Mediation settles disputes not only by legal acknowledgement of what happened, but by developing strategic, interest-oriented solutions. The function of the mediator is to support, host and structure this process. 

Different from building proceedings, mediation allows to involve all parties involved in the conflict, and to find a solution in time. The project flow is not inhibited thereby, and the settlement of conflict won’t be postponed till after the end of the project. The timely settlement of conflicts saves costs and manpower. You spare your resources for tackling the real project work.

We are at your service as trained mediators (DAA) for case-wise mediation. In the field of project mediation we also cooperate with project controllers and engineers who are also trained mediators. This enables us to contribute to conflict solving also as a cross-disciplinary team of mediators.  

Of course we also work as conciliators or arbitrators in classic conciliations and arbitration proceedings, or we can represent you as lawyers in such proceedings. 


  • Conciliation
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Case-wise mediation
  • Full project mediation