Architects’ law and engineers’ law have turned into a separate field next to private building law. MEK designs customized architects’, engineering and project controlling contracts, co-defines the planning targets and follows up the performance, in particular through legal controlling of the planning timeline and technical interfaces to other parties involved in the project. This avoids risks and vitally contributes to the safety of timeline and costs. 

Our counseling also includes all legal matters related to the regulations for fees of architects and engineers (HOAI), the design of flat-rate fees, cost limits, and reviewable invoicing and final accounting. Of course we also deal with special matters such as the demarcation of free acquisition services from activities against fees, the copyright of architects as well as liability law matters. We also support you in revision and assessment of amendments from changed plans, extension of building times, and so on.


  • Design of architects’, engineering and project controlling, project management and project development contracts in the form of general planner, sub-planner and individual contracts as well as amendments
  • Contract design of organisational forms and cooperations (GbR, GmbH, Planning-ARGE, partnerships, consortium etc.)
  • Counseling on legal issues under architects’ law and engineers’ laws, in particular assertion of and defence against damage compensation or liability claims (determination of facts, recourse to other parties involved in the project, and the professional liability insurance)
  • Regulations for fees (HOAI)
  • Support for auditable invoicing and final accounting
  • Search for surveyors, preparation and negotiation of arbitrator contracts
  • Taking over arbitration or conciliation functions 
  • Support for or performance of mediation proceedings
  • Litigation management, foreclosure
  • Trainings on issues under architects’ law and engineers’ law