Rental agreements tailored to requirements

For landlords and tenants

For landlords, renting and leasing represents the value-determining factor of a property. Conversely, for tenants, renting or leasing is a decisive element in cost optimisation.

In view of the mostly long-term contractual obligations, the focus of our consulting services is on the drafting of contracts, taking into account the (economic) objectives of the landlord or tenant. Depending on the location, condition and use of the leased property, MEK will draw up an individual contract tailored to your needs and support you in the subsequent contract negotiations. Special features of the letting of properties to be manufactured, special properties (hotels, logistics, shopping centres, nursing homes, etc.) and other industry-specific requirements are naturally taken into account.

If a need for optimisation arises during the term of the contract, MEK will also support you in drafting supplements.

If disruptions occur during the tenancy, be it due to non-payment of rent, defects that occur, disputes over utility bills or insolvency of the tenant or landlord, we know what to do. MEK asserts your claims, enforces them or resolves conflicts through mediation.


Drafting of rental / lease agreements

Supplementary management

Due diligence under tenancy law

Advice on legal questions of tenancy law, in particular

  • Compliance with the statutory written form
  • Implementation of modernisation measures
  • Implementation of modernisation measures
  • Enforcement / defence of rights in respect of defects (reduction of rent, substitute performance, compensation)
  • Consequences of invalid clauses for maintenance / repair, cosmetic repairs
  • Effectiveness of service charge settlements
  • Effects of change of tenant / landlord
  • Settlement of the terminated tenancy
  • Insolvency of the tenant / landlord
  • Drafting letters of termination, termination agreements

Prosecution and defence of claims

Accompaniment during handover and acceptance dates Assumption of arbitration and conciliation offices Accompaniment or implementation of mediation procedures

Litigation, foreclosure sale / execution

Training on topics of landlord and tenant law

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