Litigation Management


In the interests of our clients, we always place great value on avoiding and resolving disputes by providing forward-looking advice.

Sometimes, however, court proceedings are unavoidable.

The management of construction processes is also one of our core competences. MEK has many years of experience and expertise in this field, particularly in the management of wage litigation, fee litigation and evidence preservation proceedings.

We know from experience that successful process management requires preparation, strategy and flexibility. During often lengthy and complex processes, MEK keeps track of the big picture for you and advises on opportunities and risks at every stage.

We always keep an eye on dispute resolution by means of settlement and consistently rely on open channels of communication with the opposing party even outside the courtroom.

MEK represents you before all local, regional and higher regional courts in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as before all administrative courts and authorities.


Comprehensive advice on the opportunities and risks, procedure and costs of legal proceedings

Coordination and agreement with all parties involved

drawing up preparatory pleadings to the Court of First Instance setting out the facts and law

Ongoing process management, especially deadline and schedule management

the conduct of hearings and the taking of evidence

Representation of appointments for invited managing directors and chairmen of the board

Ongoing strategy consulting for out-of-court settlement of disputes

Conducting settlement discussions and comprehensive contract drafting

Cooperation and communication with courts, experts and authorities

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