What we can do for you

You are interested in realizing your project development with secured quality, timeline and costs? We help you along with procuring all necessary services from architects’, engineers, project controlling and builders.

MEK relies on its own contract management, having developed and optimized contract templates over many years. Thanks to our experiences with all kinds of different contract constellations, we are able to develop the best contract for the actual project.

During the construction works, there still are many technical and legal issues for all involved in the project. With our legal advice throughout the entire project, we can solve them – fast and close to practice. MEK needs no more than essential inquiries to respond quickly and efficiently.

However, if disputes still occur during the building project or afterwards, we first try to prepare the litigation with a clear risk assessment, in order to reach an economic, reasonable solution. When court proceedings are inevitable, we quickly realize all necessary steps in close agreement with you.


Design and negotiation of architects’, engineering, project controlling and Construction contracts

Structuring, designing and support for the ordering process

Legal advice throughout the building project and construction process

Amendment management (Claim-Management)

Compensation issues (for instance compensation for work and counterclaims)

Chattel security services such as bank guarantees, security bonds, letters of patronage, craftsmen security, and BauFordSiG

Acceptance and defect liability

Damages by delay, penalties

Termination of agreements, accounting issues

Insolvency of a contract partner

Damage compensation claims and complex claim management

Neighbourhood agreements

Search for surveyors, preparation and negotiation of arbitrator contracts

Neighbourhood agreements

Search for surveyors, Preparation and negotiation of surveyor contracts

Preparation and negotiation of conciliation agreements, support in litigation(for instance acc. to the rules of “Betonverein”, SOBau),

Taking over arbitration or conciliation functions

Support for or performance of mediation proceedings

Litigation management, foreclosure

Trainings on issues under private building law

MEK | Leistungen
MEK | Leistungen