Institutional Investors

What we can do for you

Are you looking for professional legal advice for realization of your investment decisions? MEK helps you in all phases of your real estate investments, starting from the acquisition/Legal Due Diligence through commercial and technical administration for inventory maintenance through to utilization or sales. Our service portfolio includes all kinds of real estate. We have special expertise with large residencial and commercial portfolios as well as special estates (hotel and leisure, nursing homes, logistics centers etc.).

Thanks to our many years of experience from cooperation with different institutional investors, we know that flexibility and fast realization of your targets is vital for the success of a transaction process, also under tax aspects. The top priority is to show risks, and to convert them into practise-oriented solutions. MEK consults on asset deals and share deals as well as Sale-and-Lease-Back constructions or Joint-Ventures, for instance for project development.

In Legal Asset-, Property- and Facility-Management MEK focuses on securing your targets on profit and risk optimization of the real estate (portfolio) in your possession. Our reporting provides the necessary transparency for decision-making.

Whenever problems occur during negotiations, during or after handling of transactions, MEK presents suitable solutions under evaluation of all risks. We represent you in or out of court.


Reparation and controlling of sales and acquisitions (data room, Letter of Intent, exclusivity or confidentiality agreements)

Legal Due Diligence for buyers and sellers

Design and negotiation of asset or share deals

Sale and Lease Back for real estate


Support for financing / preparation of the closing

Legal Asset-, Property-, Facility-Management

Tenancy law – design of rental and general rental contracts

Warranty management, crisis management (liability under purchasing contracts/rescission)

Litigation management, foreclosure

Trainings on real estate investment issues

MEK | Leistungen
MEK | Leistungen