Real Estate Agents

What we can do for you

You have a client – we have the legal know-how for handling your real estate transactions. We support you with the design and closing of general agreements and individual contracts, exclusivity agreements, Letters of Intent (LOI), reservation agreements and in securing or asserting your commission claims.

We also support you where you cannot provide your own legal counsel, in particular in design and closing of purchasing and rental contracts. Together with you, MEK can work out full real estate counseling for your client. We tune into your structures without any friction loss to complete your service range. In this way we already cooperate with different big broker companies in the field of asset and property management.

We prepare the legal Due Diligence for buyers and sellers for different transactions.


Design of broker contracts including NDA’s

Securing the commission claims

Asserting broker commission claims

Support for design and closing of purchasing and rental contracts

Cooperation in the field of asset, property and warranty management

Due Diligence for buyers and sellers

Litigation management, foreclosure

Trainings on brokering law issues

MEK | Leistungen
MEK | Leistungen