Project Developers/ Building Investors

What we can do for you

Do you have an idea? MEK helps you with the realization. MEK consults you through all phases of project development from the first plans through realization and utilization.

MEK helps you clarify or create building rights for intended project, consults you in setting-up object companies and with the final acquisition of the asset. For building investors we design the contracts under consideration of the requirements of MaBV and WEG.

In the phase of realization, MEK provides legal advice throughout the tendering process, and prepares and negotiates all required planning and building contracts. We help you realize the projects according to your quality, timeline and cost targets.

For use or utilization of the real estate property we offer you the best contract management – for rental and lease contracts as well as broker, maintenance, supply and contracting contracts.

Of course MEK also supports you through the sales to a final investor.

We support you in legal conflicts before state courts or arbitration courts or through mediation proceedings.


Design/negotiation of asset contracts (sales and acquisition contracts, hereditary building law contracts etc.)

Set-up and management of object companies / Joint-Venture-Agreements

Creating  building rights (space, general and technical planning, building permit/building rules law, urban development contracts)

Design/negotiation of building investor contracts (MaBV) / splitting agreements (WEG)

Preparing, structuring and management of public and private tendering including PPP

Design/negotiation of architects’, engineering and project controlling contracts as well as general builder/general contractor contracts or other construction contracts

Neighbourhood agreements

Legal counseling throughout building projects/ Claim-Management

Support with acceptance / asserting defect claims and other claims

Design/negotiation of  rental contracts and service contracts (e.g. broker, maintenance, supply and contracting contracts)

Litigation management, foreclosure

Trainings on project development issues

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