What we can do for you

Are you looking for new tenants for your rental object, or do you have problems with tenants?

MEK prepares a customized rental contract for your real estate – for housing, commercial or special real estate. For realization of the rental contracts we provide checklists and how-to instructions. This way, your administration department, or you, can live out the contract in a legally safe manner.

MEK also consults you on all legal issues that might occur by unwinding of the rental relationship, in particular by defence against defect claims or with disputes about operating cost accounting, with the intended performance of modernization activities and utilization of collaterals. In case of insolvency of the tenant we secure your rights to avoid any loss of receivables.

In case of disputes we do not go for unnecessary confrontation. We always try to point out ways for reaching a solution that is economic for both sides, considering that the rental parties are more often than not bound for the long term. If necessary, we assert your claims in court.


Design/negotiation of  rental/lease contracts

Adjustment and optimization of rental /lease contracts through amendments

Counseling on legal issues under tenancy law, in particular

  • Compliance with legal written form requirement
  • Handling of collaterals/ Landlord’s lien right
  • intended modernization activities by the landlord
  • Defence against defect claims (Rent reduction, Substituting, Damage compensation)
  • Consequences of invalid clauses on upkeep/repairs, cosmetic repairs
  • Support for ancillary cost accounting
  • Unwinding terminated rentals
  • Insolvency of the tenant

Design of termination notices, cancellation agreements

Attendance at dates of hand-over and acceptance

Litigation management, foreclosure

Trainings on rental law issues

MEK | Leistungen
MEK | Leistungen