In the field of general building planning and for permits of infrastructure projects or other investments requiring official permits, the environmental law, and in particular the European nature preservation law, is getting more and more important. 

Successful realization of projects today always depends on intensive analysis with the pertinent requirements under environmental law in all planning and approval proceedings. This not only requires high legal expertise but often also a close cooperation with planners, surveyors and sometimes with political boards. Therefore we aim at a solution that is beneficial for all involved together with the operators, the investors and the competent authorities, which meets the interests of the project investor as well as the responsibilities towards the environment. If a reasonable solution cannot be found by negotiation, we clarify the legal situation with the help of the administrative courts. 

MEK consults operators and communities and also supports national and regional authorities, for instance with surveys. Our counseling covers different fields of environmental laws, including the law on environmental levies defined by 

  • European environmental law (in particular FFH-Directive, Bird preservation-Directive, IVU-Directive)
  • Nature preservation and regional conservation law
  • Immission control law (protection against noise, airborne pollutants, and other immissions)
  • Law on ground preservation law or law on old encumberments
  • Water law
  • Law on economic circuit and waste


  • Permit and approval proceedings under environmental law 
  • EU-Committee involvement
  • Proceedings for general building planning: creation or modification of development plans and land use plans 
  • Contracts for regulation of matters under environmental law (e.g. urban development contracts) 
  • Review of permit documentation and surveys
  • Sanitation agreements with authorities
  • Risk management
  • Due Diligence, audits and certifications
  • Environmental levies
  • Defence against liability risks
  • Support for or performance of mediation proceedings and other proceedings for dispute settlement
  • Litigation management