In the field of public building laws MEK clarifies or obtains the building rights for your projects. We also review whether the modifications you intend to make on assets in your portfolio are agreeable with the building planning law or the building regulations in terms of construction and use. 

In this context, matters of protecting the neighbourhood and preserving the inventory are frequently important. It has to be clarified in how far the present use has to comply with stricter regulations under building law. MEK analyses all legal regulations that might be relevant for the project, for instance the immission control law or the law on nature preservation, the law on ground preservation and the law on old encumberments, and the law on water or monument preservation. 

We consult und support not only investors and project developers but also communities in creation and modification of plans for use of land and construction, in the design of urban development contracts, land recycling, conversion, and in urban development proceedings (relocation, sanitation measures, urban development activities etc.).

Whether for infrastructure activities, commercial areas, large-volume retail or housing projects -MEK always aims at cooperation with the approval authorities and provides legal safety through execution of neighbourhood agreements. 

If disputes cannot be avoided, we will represent you in administrative courts for assertion of building permits or building inquiries, in neighbourhood conflicts under public law, or against injunctions from the building authorities (ban of use, demolition etc.), or in norms control proceedings against building 


  • Audits of locations / Due-Diligence
  • General building plans (construction plans)
  • Proceedings for building permits
  • Proceedings for relocation/allocation and development of building land
  • Urban development contracts / Public Private Partnership
  • Development contracts and investor contracts
  • Neighbourhood agreements
  • Defence of permits against third party claims
  • Support for or performance of mediation proceedings
  • Litigation management