Not all shared owners want the same.

Therefore it is very important to define the rights and obligations, and hence the rules for the shared ownership clearly and fully already when creating the housing ownership or shared ownership. 

MEK also designs manager contracts as well as other contractual agreements relevant among the community of the housing owners and towards third parties. 

Frequently, the resolutions to be made by the shared owners cause disputes. MEK counteracts this tendency through qualified preparation of the decision-making and by attending the meetings of the owners. 

When disputes arise, mediation is a very suitable tool for conflict solving. Where no agreement can be reached, MEK helps you assert your claims. 


  • Creating ownership rights /shared ownership rights
  • Design of rules for the ownership community
  • Design of manager contracts
  • Asserting claims among the ownership community
  • Asserting claims between the ownership community and the manager
  • Preparation for decision-making, attendance at meetings of the owners
  • Review of the legal effect or objections to resolutions
  • Asserting warranty claims (from the set-up phase)
  • Litigation management, foreclosure / auctioning
  • Trainings on housing ownership rights