Do you intent to sell, to possess, or to permanently and economically use an asset, or do you want to sell it profitably? 

MEK prepares and reviews asset sales contracts and all other kinds of real estate contracts and supports you all over – from the first negotiations to the registration in the land and title register and to realization of your plans. You may rely on our network of notaries for this purpose. 

MEK prepares and manages concepts for alternative use of assets. We review and develop the conditions for plans for land use and development, the splitting of pieces of land, the set-up of communities of shared owners of housing and assets under the German law on shared housing ownership. If agreements with third parties are necessary, MEK manages the necessary contract negotiations and the necessary contract handling with communities, authorities or neighbours under consideration of any security collaterals that might be required in the land and title register. 

In case of conflict, MEK presents the legally founded, economically reasonable path. We assert your rights and interests, and we support you in the defence against claims and in the assertion of receivables. 


  • Design / negotiation of asset purchasing contracts or other kinds of real estate contracts (e.g. hereditary building rights contracts,
financing contracts)
  • Due Diligence
  • Design / negotiation of urban development contracts
  • Design / negotiation of neighbourhood agreements
  • Design / negotiation of housing ownership and shared ownership structures (WEG)
  • Design / negotiation for creating land rights (servitudes, limited personal servitudes, real encumberments, usufruct rights, rights or pre-emption, land debt, mortgages, pension debts)
  • Taking over arbitration or conciliation functions 
  • Support for or performance of mediation proceedings, in particular for neighbourhood disputes
  • Litigation management, auctioning / foreclosure
  • Trainings on land asset issues