Considering that rentals are mostly for the long term, our counseling focuses on the contract design taking into account the (economic) targets of the landlord or the tenant. Depending on the location, the condition and the use of the rental object, MEK prepares an individual, customized contract for your needs, and supports you in the following contract negotiations. Of course, we consider the particularities of the rentals of planned objects, objects under construction or special estates (hotels, logistics, shopping malls, nursing homes etc.) as well as other requirements specific to your industry. 

If a need for optimization arises during the term of the contract, MEK supports you in the design of amendments.

We know what to do if problems arise during the rentals, for instance by unpaid rent, occurring defects, disputes about ancillary cost accounting or by insolvency of either the tenant or the landlord. MEK asserts your claims, defends them, or solves conflicts by way of mediation.


  • Design of rental / lease contracts
  • Amendment management
  • Due Diligence under rental law
  • Counseling on legal issues under rental law, in particular
  • Compliance with legal written form requirement
  • Handling of collaterals/ Landlord’s lien right
  • Performance of modernization activities
  • Assertion of or defence against defect claims (Rent reduction, Substituting, Damage compensation)
  • Consequences of invalid clauses on Upkeep / Repairs, Cosmetic repairs
  • Legal effect of ancillary cost accounting
  • Effects of changes of tenant or landlord
  • Unwinding terminated rentals
  • Insolvency of the tenant / landlord
  • Design of termination notices, cancellation agreements
  • Assertion and defence of claims
  • Attendance at dates of hand-over and acceptance
  • Taking over arbitration or conciliation functions 
  • Support for or performance of mediation proceedings
  • Litigation management, auctioning / foreclosure
  • Seminars and trainings on rental law issues