we create law

for clients and architects/engineers

Architectural and engineering law has developed into an independent field alongside private building law. MEK drafts tailor-made architect, engineer and project management contracts, helps to define the planning objectives and monitors the implementation, in particular by legally controlling the planning deadlines and the technical interfaces with other project participants. This avoids risks and thus makes a major contribution to schedule and cost certainty.

However, our advice also covers legal issues relating to the law on fees for architects and engineers (HOAI), the design of flat-rate fees, cost ceilings and auditable accounts and final accounts. In addition, we naturally also deal with special issues such as the demarcation of free acquisition services from activities subject to remuneration, the architect’s copyright and questions of liability law. We also assist you in the examination and assessment of supplements resulting from changes to plans, extension of the construction period, etc.


Drafting of architects’, engineers’ and project control, project management and project development contracts in the form of general planner, subplanner and individual contracts including supplements

Drafting contracts for organisational forms and cooperation (GbR, GmbH, Planungs-ARGE, partnership company, consortium etc.)

Advice on legal issues of architects’ and engineers’ law, in particular the enforcement and defence of claims for damages or liability (determination of facts, recourse to other parties involved in the construction and professional liability insurance)

Fee law (HOAI)

Support with auditable accounting and final accounts

Expert search, drafting and negotiation of arbitrator contracts

Taking over arbitration and conciliation offices

Monitoring or implementation of mediation procedures

Litigation, enforcement

Training on topics of architectural and engineering law

MEK | Architekten Ingenieurrecht | München, Hamburg | Immobilien
MEK | Architekten Ingenieurrecht | München, Hamburg | Immobilien