The project controller becomes the norm in larger construction projects, whereby legal control can hardly be separated from project management.

Do you want to acquire or own a property, use it commercially in the long term or sell it at a profit?

MEK prepares and reviews land purchase agreements and other real estate contracts and accompanies you from the initial negotiations to the entry in the land register and the implementation of your plans. You can rely on our network of notaries for this.

MEK also develops and supervises concepts for the alternative use of land. In doing so, we examine and develop the requirements for land use and development plans, the division of plots of land and the formation of residential and part-ownership communities in accordance with the German Condominium Act. Should agreements with third parties be necessary, MEK will accompany the corresponding contract negotiations and the necessary processing of contracts with local authorities, authorities or neighbours, taking into account any necessary land register security.

In conflict situations MEK shows the legally sound and economically sensible way. We assert your rights and interests and support you in defending and pursuing claims.


Drafting / negotiation of property purchase agreements or other real estate contracts (e.g. ground lease agreements, financing agreements)

due diligence

Drafting / negotiation of urban development contracts

Design / negotiation of neighbourhood agreements

Design / negotiation of condominium and part-ownership structures (WEG)

Drafting / negotiation to establish property rights (easements, limited personal easements, real charges, usufructuary rights, rights of first refusal, land charges, mortgages, pension debts)

Taking over arbitration and conciliation offices

Accompaniment or implementation of mediation procedures, especially in the case of disputes between neighbours

Litigation, foreclosure sale / execution

Training on land law issues

MEK | Grundstücksrecht | München, Hamburg | Immobilien
MEK | Grundstücksrecht | München, Hamburg | Immobilien