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Ursula von Minckwitz is a managing partner of MEK Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH. Since 1994 she has been working exclusively on the field of construction, real estate and architects’ law. Her core activities are contract design as well as legal counseling throughout major project development. During three years of practical experience in a big project management company, she supported several cross-disciplinary projects. As legal counsel throughout building projects she consults leading project management agencies and clients all over Germany on issues of hindrances, defects, acceptance, utilization of chattels etc.

Born in Darmstadt

1986 – 1988
University of Mainz

1988 – 1990
University of Bayreuth

1990 – 1993
Legal trainee among others at legal association Dale & Dingwall, Toronto, Canada

seit 1994

1994 – 1996
Prof. Heiermann, Prof. Franke, Müller, Knipp & Partner, Frankfurt am Main

1996 – 1997
Rechtsanwälte Gaedertz (today: Mayer Brown), Berlin

Set-up of the legal association (since 2009: MEK Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH)

1997 – 1999
Senior officer with „Prokura“ power of representation for HOMOLA AYH AG, Gesellschaft für Projektsteuerung und Projektmanagement, Frankfurt am Main

§ Flucher/Kochendörfer/von Minckwitz/Viering (Hrsg.), Mediation im Bauwesen, Ernst & Sohn Verlag Berlin (editor and author)
§ Siebert/Eichberger (eds.), Lawyers’ Forms for Building and Architects’ Law (author)
§ v. Minckwitz/Schmitt/Viering, Subcontract Management, Lawyer Representation (editor and author)
§ v. Minckwitz, The first 100 business days of an architect, publishing house Bauwesen
§ Authorship at Juris
§ Authorship at Kleine-Möller/Merl/Glöckner, Handbook of Private Construction Law

Architects’ law and engineers’ law
Real estate

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