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Our many years of legal practice in the field of construction and real estate and the relevant experience with judicial construction processes have led to MEK’s involvement in mediation and out-of-court dispute resolution for many years.

Mediation is a voluntary, extrajudicial, non-public dispute resolution procedure in which the parties themselves develop an amicable solution to their conflict with the help of a neutral third party, the mediator. In mediation, disputes are not resolved solely by legal assessment of what has happened, but strategic and interest-oriented solutions are developed. The mediator has a supporting, moderating and structuring function.

In contrast to the construction process, mediation enables the involvement of all parties involved in the conflict as well as a timely solution. The course of the project is neither inhibited nor does the solution of conflicts have to be postponed until after the project has been completed. The prompt resolution of conflicts leads to savings in costs and manpower. You save your resources so that you can devote yourself to the actual project work.

For individual case mediation we are available as trained mediators (DAA). In the area of project-accompanying mediation, we also work with project managers and engineers who are also trained as mediators. This enables us to make the best possible contribution to conflict resolution even as an interdisciplinary team of mediators.

Of course, we also act as mediators or arbitrators in classic conciliation and arbitration proceedings or represent you in these proceedings as lawyers.



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