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we help you secure the success of your project

One of our core activities is construction and legal counseling throughout building projects. We solve your legal problems through all phases of the project, from the development, planning, construction to the final revision.

In so far our lawyers consult not only the builders but also companies involved in the project, as well as project managers and project controllers, general managers and general contractors, architects; engineers and building companies, mainly in big commercial construction and reconstruction projects.

MEK especially cares for intensive preparation and management of contracts. Typical conflicts in building projects can be avoided with less effort at this stage.

We can legally counsel the entire construction performance, or from case to case upon request. We support you in asserting your claims. For clients, we especially assert defect claims, default claims, and penalties. For contractors, we especially assert compensation claims and we defend them against liability claims.

If disputes still occur during or after the building project, we first try to assess the risks clearly to prepare the negotiations, aiming at a satisfactory solution. When litigation is inevitable, we realize the necessary actions without delay upon precise agreement with you.

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